Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a progressive system that has figured out how to reclassify the whole communication process. Presently individuals require not rely on upon landline phone associations nor need to invest hours on disliking the signals of cell phone. This is one extraordinary system that permits the clients to express what he needs to the individual on the other end of the system at very minimal effort.

Hosted PBX
Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Discover the power of streamlined communication with iKcon Hosted PBX System tailored for businesses. Embrace the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-based solution, allowing your company to adapt effortlessly to changing needs. Our Hosted PBX offers advanced features such as auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, and call routing, ensuring efficient call management. Experience crystal-clear voice quality and reliable connectivity, enhancing both internal and external communication. With easy setup and maintenance, our Hosted PBX eliminates the need for complex hardware installations. Enjoy cost savings on both equipment and maintenance, as our cloud-based solution delivers top-notch performance without the overhead. Elevate your company's communication infrastructure with our Hosted PBX System, where innovation, reliability, and affordability converge to redefine the way you connect and collaborate.


Key Features


Has multitenancy module to manage multiple client’s companies.

Video Call

We have integrated Video Call feature.


Can Create Multiple Conference rooms.

Call Broadcast

Has a call broadcast feature to broadcast and IVR or any announcement.

Ring Groups

Create Multiple Ring Groups as per your needs.


Supports FAX / FAX to Email.


Can Receive and Send SMS through your SMS Carrier.

IVR Menus

Can Create your own IVR Menus as your needs.

Integrated Billing

Billing has been integrated in the PBX.


Complete Features


Integrated for an administrator in the superadmin group to enable easy database access.


Setup a recording for the auto attendant that provides announcement to callers.

Call Barge

Listen into an active call from another extension.

Call Block

Block inbound calls by the caller id.

Call Broadcast

Create a recording and select one or more groups to have the system call and play the recording.

Call Center

Creates a robust Incoming call center environment with agent tiers.

Call Detail Records

Various reporting capabilities to see who called, when, call length, export to a csv file, and call detail statistics.

Call Flows (Day Night Mode)

Typically used with day night mode. To direct calls between two destinations. Can work with BLF on phone to show which direction call will be directed to.

Call Forward

Forward to another extension or to any phone number.

Call Monitoring

View which extensions are currently in a call.

Call Recordings

Record all or some calls or parts of the call.

Call Routing

Send the call different directions or perform actions based on reading the caller id info or other call information.

Call Waiting

A beep while on a call and to toggle between two different calls.

Caller ID

Support for customization and supporting providers.


Set up voice and video conference calls, is optionally secure with a PIN number, and can transfer current calls to a conference.


Manage your contacts. Import contacts from Outlook CSV files. Export contacts to your cell phone with QR Codes.

Dialplan Manager

The dialplan is used to setup call destinations based on conditions and context. You can use the dialplan to send calls to gateways, auto attendants, external numbers, to scripts, or any destination.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

Gives ability to call into the system, put in a pin code, and then call back outbound.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Direct calls to voicemail by default however there is an option when using do not disturb to send the call to an alternative destination.


Create extensions for phones to register to and an option to receive emails on missed calls.

Extension Summary

Summary of extension activity per domain such as missed calls, answered calls, no answer, inbound, duration etc. The summarized information can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Fax Server

A virtual fax machine that can send and receive faxes with advanced features.

Follow Me

Allows calling multiple extensions or external numbers.


Gateways provide access into other voice networks. These can be voice providers or other systems that require SIP registration.

Inbound and Outbound Call Routing

Routes used to receive or send calls in or out.

IVR Menus (Auto Attendant)

Create a structured interactive voice prompt for callers to use.

Music on Hold

Allows multiple categories of music on hold that can be set globally or per domain. Can inject additional audio on intervals.


Domain based multi-tenant using subdomains such as red.pbxhosting.tld green.pbxhosting.tld blue.pbxhosting.tld

Operator Panel

A virtual panel that agents can drag and drop transfer calls. Adjust call state from available, on break, do not disturb and logged out.


Send a call to an unused “park” extension. The caller listens to music on hold until another extension connects to the call.


Create and manage personalized recordings.

Ring Groups

Make one extension ring several extensions and an option to receive emails on missed calls.

Time Conditions

An extension that can be timed to route calls based on domain select, global option, move to other domains, and holiday presets.

User and Group Management

Edit, change or add users of all permission levels.


Has the ability to copy voicemails for other voicemail boxes when receiving a voicemail. Additional features include voicemail to email and voicemail IVR.

Voicemail to Email

Have voicemails sent to email.

Voicemail Transcription

Converts voicemails to text.


Make and receive video calls with WebRTC.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, It’s Multi-tenant.

Yes, It does support Voice Broadcasting.

Yes, iKconPBX system does support Video Calling.

It has call centric features only for Incoming calls.

Yes, It does support Fax to Email and Email to Fax services.

Yes, it does have conference rooms facility.